The wastelands or simply the wastes is the nickname for an area of nearly uninhabitable land in the human realms. The creatures living there are almost exclusively barbarians, bandits, and other unsavoury sorts, and those of the common races who make their homes there aren’t much more civilized.

In fact, the only true population centres in the area of the wastes are on the actual wasteland’s edges, and none of them are average townships. The following are notable:

An apparently cursed town that never sees the sun and where the townspeople are all deathly pale.

A fortified township close to the edge of the wastes named “Keng’s Rest”, after the Half-Orc who founded it.

Common Knowledge

Myths and stories abound about the origin of the wastes, but only a select few seem to know the truth. One of the common beliefs is that the area has simply always been a desert due to natural causes. Others believe that the area is the result of one of Pelor’s rare fits of rage. Regardless, the common folk, and most people in general, stay away from it.


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