Moradin city

City (Moradin)

When you lay eyes upon this city the first thing you see are its giant walls which have been hewn from the solid granite of the mountains behind it, which contain the immense halls of this city. Once you reach its relative small brass gate you can see a long tunnel leading to the great hall containing multiple 5 foot thick fortified stone doors. Once you enter the great hall you’ll see that this city is a true metropolis. Hundreds of tower-like stone columns with homes and shops worked in to stairs on their outside to reach higher homes and platforms. This city has no streets, just open space between columns on On the edges of the hall are the entrances to the various private or corporate halls. At the far end of the great hall is the entrance to the palace.

This great stronghold is said to have been founded by Moradin himself. Its original name long lost this city is now named after Moradin, god of the dwarves.

This metropolis is ruled by clan Harfnunn one of, if not, the greatest dwarven clans. The current ruler of Moradin is Rurik Harfnunn. Rurik has ruled Moradin for the past 115 years and is still quite vigorous despite his age of 232 years.

Moradin city

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