Keng’s Rest was founded when a good-hearted half-Orc, expelled from his lord’s domain, gathered together mercenaries and others like him to ensure the safety of the bold few who would venture in to the wastes.

The half-Orc’s decisive, semi-violent methods were a natural match to the area’s wilderness and rough locals, and he and his man were quickly embraced. As the traders who travelled the nearby routes quickly learned to camp with Keng and his men, permanent structures were erected, and a town was born.

Now, 20 years later, Keng’s Rest has unusually sturdy walls and vigilant guards for such a small town, and is an almost obligatory stop on the route of anyone headed in to or out of the wastes. Keng, now an unusually old and prosperous half-Orc, rules the town from the network of shallow caves. His men tend to leave visitors to their own business, and their gates are open to anyone. However, when true troublemakers arrive, they are dealt with quickly and harshly.


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