The human kingdom is ruled by an ancient bloodline, who were influential in the area’s early history and have maintained their position ever since. The current king is a young boy, years away from coming of age, and his uncle the regent (Lawful Neutral) simply maintains the law, fearing collapse of the volatile, Feudal nation if the inhabitants are given too much slack.

The rapidly growing nation is supported by a large feudal bureaucracy (Lawful Evil), which has long since grown corrupt and self-indulgent. They follow the law as long as they are carefully watched over, and stick to the letter instead of the intent.

The capital has an actual standing army, which is in constant need due to the feudal lord’s expansionist and greedy attitudes, as well as internal problems and lack of a stable police force. Being needed to maintain order, the general and his lackeys (Neutral Evil) have eagerly seized the opportunity to extort and oppress, and the locally stationed battalions are little more then thugs with badges.

The clerics from the City of Towers (Lawful Good) have a large, influential cathedral with supporting order of faithful in the capital. Long exposure to the corrupt and evil inhabitants has made them strict and vocal adherents to the letter of the law.


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